The CTR, our best friend for SEO

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Today I come with a long article, and it is Cheap Seo Packages that I have decided to change the way of posting to my blog. Instead of a newspaper article, I move on to three weekly articles that will be practically guides mostly.

For this reason there is a fountain”if not that there are sources to hundreds. Today to publish something about anything, has no value. Because of that we are discussing: you’ve published and do not have clear some basic concepts.

The SEM is the MARKETING that takes place in the search engines. Search engine marketing, SEM’s, is both SEO and PPC. The SEM that is hierarchically above the SEO can not be compared, because they are not categories of equals. The SEM is over SEO and PPC, because it is a denomination that includes these two actions of Marketing Digital.

I don’t know if we speak the same language, because it seems that there are words that you don’t give them the exact and concrete meaning. By that same commented you that in PPC you not positions”. PPC does not use positioning metrics, if not of CTR. What interests are gotten clicks, conversions, not the position, since it is irrelevant. Don’t get more clicks to appear first in the list of Adwords. Google is tired of explaining this. You get more conversions based on the text of the announcement. However in SEO, the position is critical.

He sought not to create any controversy, if not, clarify concepts that are often confused by lack of training of information. I spend days clarifying these concepts to new customers, who have read things”on the Internet, which do more than create confusion in simple and simple definitions.