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The Ministry of Health has taken the implementation of eGovernment across the healthcare network in the region of Murcia.

The Annual Report 2014 Mental Health FEAFES Murcia reflects the structure, strategic lines and actions carried out throughout the federation last year and realize the objectives, methodology and activities to offer services such as mental health information, advice to member associations and management agreements and aid programs.

Then the other DC, Victor Torres, announced that if required improve the wording of the law will have to make every effort to not move us an iota of what we want “, also demonstrating in favor of legislating. And by the way, remember the request of the DC bench for the accompaniment, which was hosted by the Government, and will be included in the debate included in particular.

From mid-June last request to the police, through the Ministry of Interior District reactivate surveillance on weekends and holidays in the health centers Pasacaballos, Olaya, La Candelaria, La Esperanza, La Boquilla, Nelson Mandela . When medical mission suffers these attacks, we have to take drastic determinations for the sole purpose of safeguarding life of health personnel, “said Polo Gomez.

The presentation of academic offerings for medical specializations and scholarship programs in the area of ​​health, was held with the presence of Carina Vance, Minister of Public Health; Rina Pazos, General Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation; Hernan Ramirez, Director of Graduate Studies at the Central University of Ecuador; Carlos Gomez, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Guayaquil and Edison Chaves, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Ecuador.