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The winners in this category are recognized by the international scientific community who have worked in the region and the results have been successfully applied, effectively reducing the gaps in health researchers face. It stands out for the effort devoted to the dissemination of knowledge and training of human resources to strengthen research capabilities in the region and thus consolidating health systems for the benefit of the population.

Voice your opinion, participate by sending your comments. The views belong to registered users and do not reflect the opinions of We reserve the right to remove those considered irrelevant. See terms and conditions. The primary care center is the first level of care and attention gateway to the public health system in the Community of Madrid.

Currently Health data stored on your phone only and is only if we make a backup on iCloud backup in iTunes encrypted data. Therefore, the only way to recover the data of Health is restoring full backup of your phone, which at times (like when switched terminal) just does not want to do. If this is the case the only solution left to us requires that we export, we keep and we import the data manually.

Spain supports the inclusion of targets and related health in the post-2015 agenda and Sustainable Development Goals indicators. This step, listed as a basic service within identified as priorities in the eEurope initiative of the European Commission, is that citizens can benefit from the development of modern information technology in the service of health. Thanks to the strategies of accessibility to primary care services, the aim is reduce administrative procedures and facilitate service to users, so that travel papers through the Internet and not the patients.

Then the other DC, Victor Torres, announced that if required improve the wording of the law will have to make every effort to not move us an iota of what we want “, also demonstrating in favor of legislating. And by the way, remember the request of the DC bench for the accompaniment, which was hosted by the Government, and will be included in the debate included in particular.